Accordions and Accordionists

Our native French accordionists will sing Edith Piaf's eternal romance while perpetuating her glory and legend.

Enjoy Paris

French Accordionists and singers MannuD, Pierrot and Manuel perform romantic french accordion evergreens to music lovers of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Australia and Asia wide.

Edith Piaf was the greatest French diva of all times. Her powerful voice, personality and songs did immortalise: French chanson culture, the French Accordion, Paris glory and its people. In Europe, USA and Asia Edith Piaf became a legend, eventually her fame spread worldwide. The film "la vie rose" toped the charts and pushed Piaf’s myth even higher. People of all ages are still fascinated and charmed by her life’s story, voice and Music. Since the 40’s and up to this day, her songs have toped the charts as young singers keep recording them: La vie en rose, Milord, Non Je ne regret rien (No regrets), Padam, l’Accordéoniste…and many more…

We are confident you will love MannuD's parisian eternal romance

Additional French repertoire:
Traditional French Chansons revival: Y. Montand, C. Aznavour, J. Brell, and C. Trenet, traditional Accordion’s French Musette and Paris rive gauche music.

We are the Talent Providers.

Salsa Latino Connection Presents:

Salsa experience
Repertoire: Hot Latino dance classics, Salsa, Merengue’, Rhumba, Cha-cha, Lambada, Mambo and more…

The Italian Connection presents:


Traditional Italian gondolier roving show, Accordion and Italian songs, "Luigi" character







"The Venician"
Duo, 3 or 4 piece Italian band, performing evergreen Italian classics, Ideal for groovy “Hot Latin Dance”.

Hot Mexican Connection Presents:

"Hey Amigos" (roving duo)
Hot Mexican comedy performance, this Spanish-Gringo humour will make you laugh till you cry! Optional accordionist.



The Gypsy Connection Presents:

"Vasilini and Vasil"
Two genuine gypsy talents, they came to us straight from Prague, Czech Republic. They are the flavour of the month: their violin and guitar will carry you back to central Europe.


The Tango Connection Presents:


Tango for Ever
Argentine’s National Music played by an accordion while our romantic dancers will take you back to Bueno Aires.

The German Connection Presents:

"Hum Pah Pah" Roving Band
Bavarian Oktoberfest German music.
2, 3, 4 or 5 brass musicians to suit every budget, plus an Accordionist.

The Laughing Connection Presents:

"Peppi" the clown

Peppi was born in New York USA where he began his amazing career. He is based now in Tokyo Japan, often performing for Japanese main TV stations. He performs in USA, Europe, throughout Asia and Japan. Peppi is probably the best Clown - Mim - Balloon Artist in Japan and Asia. While MannuD's accordion plays impromptu sound effects, it enhances Peppi's movements and actions, the accordion becomes the clown's musical shadow.


The French Connection Presents


Contemporary Funky French dance Music

"French Groove" will transcend you to Paris’ Champs-Élysées to the beat of Contemporary Funky French dance music: Let’s dance the French way just like the Parisians do.

"MannuD" Parisian "French Can Can" Burlesque dancers


French Can Can dancers will spice up the show with...Sexy…French charm.